Families express gratitude for faculty, staff with lasagnas


Colin Leslie

In the second Gratitude Project, Lab families make lasagnas to express gratitude for faculty and staff. Faculty and staff received them by delivery or pick-up outside of Gordon Parks Arts Hall.

Colin Leslie, Reporter

For the second time this school year, Lab families had the opportunity to demonstrate their appreciation for the faculty and staff through food. On Feb. 15 and 17, Lab faculty and staff members picked up lasagnas made by Lab families for the second Gratitude Project.

Home delivery was also an option for the lasagna recipients. 70 faculty and staff members had lasagnas delivered to their homes by the families who made them, while 86 picked them up from the main entrance of Gordon Parks Arts Hall.

Project and Event Coordinator Laura Hicks and Lab parent Corinne Bal organized this component of the Gratitude Project. The event follows the first lasagna pick-up in December. 

“We really wanted to give thanks to the teachers, the staff, everyone at Lab for all the hard work they’ve been doing throughout the pandemic,” Ms. Hicks said. “This seemed like a way to give comfort and thanks to everybody.”

Meat, vegetable and gluten-free lasagnas were available, and recipients signed up for the kind they wanted. Families accompanied their lasagnas with messages of thanks to the faculty and staff.

Ms. Hicks supervised the table of lasagnas on Feb. 17, directing recipients to the type of lasagnas they had requested. 

“Everyone who received it was gracious and thankful for it, and that was the whole goal of the event, so I think it was accomplished,” Ms. Hicks said.