Spring Fling replaced with dance marathon

Olivia Cheng, Reporter

Due to low Spring Fling attendance year after year, Student Council will instead host a dance marathon for all Lab students, from nursery to high school students.

The event, held  Saturday, April 14, will benefit Chicago nonprofit My Block, My Hood, My City. The marathon will take place in Upper Kovler from 4-10 p.m.

The beneficiary charity introduces students from under-resourced Chicago neighborhoods to new opportunities, such as museum trips, and sailing lessons and neighborhoods across the city.

Student Council will charge $5 to watch and $25 to dance and enter the grand prize raffle, which is different for each school. High school students who dance for all six hours can enter a raffle for a Lollapalooza ticket.

“I hope that this event will be able to bridge together the different schools,” Florence Almeda, Cultural Union president, said.

Every hour, student groups will perform. Students and families can bid in a silent auction on the sidelines of the dance floor.

“Typically we just do dances — maybe we’ll do a few lunch events here or there — but we never do anything of this scale,” Florence said. “Hopefully it’s something that people will continue into the future.”