Robotics team wins award, advances to semifinals in contest


Provided by Alp Demirtas

Cache Money member Alp Demirtas plays with RETRO-FIT, a fitness app that incorporates fantasy gameplay that the team designed, on April 21.

Audrey Matei, Reporter

The Cache Money robotics team has won the Designer’s Award in the FIRST Robotics Game Design Challenge and is a semifinalist in the contest.

Out of 3,000 teams to apply, Cache Money is only one of 115 to advance to the semifinals of the Game Design Challenge

The Cache Money team has also advanced to the semifinals in the Innovation Challenge. Finalists for both challenges will be announced during the finalist award ceremony May 22.

For the game design challenge, the team designed a game to be potentially played by other robotics teams called Folliege Frenzy, and has been working on both 3D modeling and writing since January. 

The team submitted their design for judging at the end of March and are working on perfecting their presentation, organizing team events, and resolving any questions held by judges. 

The team has been working very hard on this challenge, committing 10-15 hours a week on it. 

Robotics team member Sharyq Siddiqi, a junior, said that the team members are mostly secure with their current place as they continue to polish their work.

“We are very confident with our work,” he said, “but there certainly is still room for improvement.”