Three teachers from younger grades to retire after long careers

Colin Leslie and Caroline Hohner

Debra Kogelman, 24 years, middle school science

Debra Kogelman

Ms. Kogelman began teaching middle school science at Lab in 1997, and has since dedicated to sharing a love of science to her students. 

“Being able to laugh and share the good times and the stressful times and then the really fun times,” Ms. Kogelman said, “those are the things that I will carry with me and hopefully people will look back and smile.” 

Ms. Kogelman has served in various community roles, such as middle school adviser, 6th Grade Camp director, faculty chair and grade-level chair. She has worked on the admissions, steering and technology committees. 

After retiring from Lab, she plans to move to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to spend time with her 1-year-old grandson. 


Lisa Hilarides, 15 years, middle school math

Lisa Hilarides

Since 2006, Ms. Hilarides has taught middle school math at Lab, eventually settling in her long-time role as a beloved sixth-grade teacher. Ms. Hilarides also directed the sixth grade camp. 

According to Ms. Hilarides, one of her favorite parts of working at Lab all these years has been watching students grow into themselves throughout their time at Lab. 

“So that’s another thing that I really love is to watch these kids come in, and sometimes their feet don’t even really touch the floor, and then they grow,” she said.

After 15 years of service, Ms. Hilarides plans to spend her retirement taking care of family. 


Nisha Ruparel-Sen, 34 years, primary school teacher

Nisha Ruparel-Sen

Ms. Ruparel-Sen got her own classroom just two years after arriving at Lab as an assistant teacher and leader of after-school programs. Since then, she has taught nursery and kindergarten students, and said she hopes to have installed empathy and kindness into each of them.

Ms. Ruparel-Sen said she has always appreciated and enjoyed the creativity of her students.

“What I will miss most is the kids,” Ms. Ruparel-Sen said. “I love walking down the hallways and seeing the creativity in the hallways — things teachers have created, things students have created. I will miss that a lot.”

Ms. Ruparel-Sen plans to travel the world after she retires, including visiting her family in India. She is also eager to spend more time on her hobbies like sewing and embroidery, and to pick up her study of French.