Jason Tyler appointed chair of the Laboratory Schools Board


Midway Staff

Jason Tyler will serve as chair of the Laboratory Schools Board starting July 1.

An Ngo, City Life Editor

Jason Tyler, a 1989 Laboratory Schools alumnus and parent of current students, will serve as chair of the Laboratory Schools Board starting July 1. 

Mr. Tyler has served on the board since 2015, during which he co-chaired the committee to choose Lab’s new director. Mr. Tyler is the executive vice president and chief financial officer at Northern Trust Corporation, a financial services company headquartered in Chicago.

Appointed by University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer, Mr. Tyler will replace current Board Chair David Kirstenbroker, who will conclude 10 years serving on the board, six of which he served as chair. 

According to Mr. Tyler, Lab’s pressing issues are making sure Lab’s new director, Victoria Jueds, understands the school through spending time with its constituents, acknowledging and addressing the school’s race issues and returning to school fully in person as a unified community.

“I’m excited for the school. I think this is a completely new era for Lab, going forward,” Mr. Tyler said. “It’s less to do with me but, you know, the new director coming on, there’s a new president coming to the University of Chicago, and new board chair, people coming back to the school. I think everybody should just be open to fresh starts.”