ArtsFest accepting workshop submissions through Dec. 19


Caroline Hohner

Artsfest posters can be seen across the school and in Gordon Parks Arts Assembly in light of them accepting submissions.

Téa Tamburo, Deputy Managing Editor

As daily life gradually returns to what it was pre-pandemic, ArtsFest will be one of the quintessential U-High events that will be happening fully in-person.

The ArtsFest board is accepting submissions for workshops and T-shirt and mural designs through Dec. 19, in preparation for the event taking place Feb. 24. 

Brian Wildeman, ArtsFest adviser, posted a Google form to grade Schoology pages with a series of questions for prospective workshop leaders. 

Unlike in past years, this year’s ArtsFest will consist of three one-hour workshop sessions, instead of four 45-minute ones. Workshop proposals can be for a single or double-length session, and submissions are welcome from all of the Laboratory Schools community. 

“It can be anything,” Mr. Wildeman said about submitting workshop proposals. “What I really like about it is it’s the one full day the students have that’s their plan, their design. The workshops can be about almost anything, and that’s one of the things we’d like to see: when people share a hidden talent or share something that we’d not normally see at school.”