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Which figure would you memorialize in Chicago?

January 20, 2022

Paul Horton

Lorraine Hansbury

“She’s a great playwright and she died way too young. She’s a brilliant, inspirational human being, and we need to remember her. And then there needs to be a building on the University of Chicago, named after her ’cause she lived right across the Midway.” Suggested by Paul Horton


Mariah Bender

Fred Hampton

“He was one of the Black Panthers, and he was unjustly killed in his home, and I think it would resonate with a lot of the recent upticks in police violence that African Americans have faced. So I think Fred Hampton would be good.” – Suggested by Mariah Bender



Creative Commons BY 2.0
Amelie Liu

Tammy Duckworth

“I really like Tammy Duckworth because she’s a Thai Chinese politician, and she’s done a lot for Asian American rights. And I think specifically during this time period with COVID-19 and the Stop Asian Hate Movement she’s been very influential, so I really admire all the work she’s done for the Asian American community.” – Suggested by Amelie Liu



Creative Commons 0 1.0
Aasha Atluri

Frederick Douglass

“Frederick Douglass would be cool. Just because recently, I’ve been learning a lot about him and… I knew him as like sort of his name on the peripheral, but I didn’t fully understand his contributions to sort of abolishing slavery and sort of how much he established for, like, resistance of minority groups. And so, I would like to see him be, like, more prominent in the cultural consciousness, and that might be a way to do it.” – Suggested by Aasha Atluri


Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0
Kennedi Bickham

Chief Keef

“Well, I feel actually though he was kind of like revolutionary for the rap game and I think, like, in that time, his music became really popular when, like, police brutalization and racial, like, problems kind of started up, and I think his music really a gave, like, a lot of people motivation to be like, ‘F*** the police, you know, even though you know, respectfully… Yeah, I think he was a voice for a lot of minorities, actually.” – Suggested by Kennedi Bickham


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