Lucie Bhatoey-Bertrand: Candidate for class of 2025 president

If elected, I plan to put in place a mentor-mentee program between students in the high school and those in the middle school. Older students would offer helpful advice and at the same time build and sharpen their leadership skills. I will listen to student voices and advocate for a stronger mental health support system for our grade. Finally, I aim to organize a picnic at Promontory Point where students will socialize and celebrate together.

During middle school, I was elected to serve as vice president on the Student Council, so I have previous experience, and I understand what it takes to do the job well. With your support I hope that I will be elected to take on greater responsibility as class president of the 10th grade.

I will do my best to ensure that the faculty and administration hears the diverse perspectives of students within our grade. I will continue to promote transparency between the administration and students, so that students stay informed about what is happening within our community. I would also work to encourage the student body to express their interests more openly by continually seeking their thoughts and feedback.

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