Krish Khanna: Candidate for class of 2025 president

I’d like to prioritize two new ideas: First, I will spearhead an initiative to shed more light on summer internships and colleges, one of the biggest stressors for tenth graders. I hope to work with our Lab alums, who have successfully navigated this process and our college counselors to fill this knowledge gap. Second, I plan to help improve, define and communicate the way Student Council interacts with and incorporates feedback from the U-High community.

I have learned how Student Council works and forged many solid relationships as ninth grade Student Council president. This will help me  communicate students’ needs, pass bills and demonstrate impact on student issues at the start of the year. I also am perseverant and have an analytical bent of mind, qualities which were instrumental in helping me push for homework extensions. These will continue to help me push for causes that tenth graders care about.

First, while helping define and improve the communication processes between students and Student Council, I will also make sure that there is a well-defined process to loop in our faculty/administration on student feedback/issues that are pervasive and center stage. Second, I will work closely with counselors and teachers to shed light on summer internships and college selection processes, the main stressors for tenth graders.

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