Allison Li: Candidate for class of 2025 class president

The rest areas on the second and third floors are always occupied during the school day, so I want to create more comfortable seating arrangements of fun and soft chairs. I have also heard complaints about the absence of quality feminine hygiene products in the bathrooms. This is a very serious issue that directly affects the lives of the many classmates that need them and I will aim to address it as soon as possible.

I do not have the experience of being on the Student Council as others may have. However, I am always connected with my peers socially so I understand a lot of people’s concerns already. I will continue to communicate constantly with a wide variety of students in order to best serve the entire community.

I will act as a liaison between students and the administration by listening to my peers around me and, as a student myself, will be thinking about the miniature details that could be improved in order to provide more support in my grade’s daily student lives. With each concern that needs to be addressed, I will take care to learn and understand fully what the issue is, how it impacts the community and what possibilities exist to provide a solution.

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