Alumna’s art show opens in Lab gallery

Natalie Glick, Deputy Editor

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Amanda Williams, U-High Class of 1992, has a new show, “A Portrait of the Artist as her Friends, which is located in the Corvus Gallery located on the first floor of Gordon Parks Arts Hall.

Ms. Williams recently had her first solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, which focuses on her most recent project, “Color(ed) Theory.”

Gina Alicea, Fine Arts Department  chair, said the committee of 12 that picked Ms. Williams to show her art in the gallery.

We thought the issues that her work addresses is timely, given what is occurring in America right now,” Ms. Alicea said.

The artwork raises questions about race and race relationships through the use of color, and the new exhibit is a continuation of the conversation about color and what it represents.

The installation is developed from questions she asked kindergarteners: “What color are you?” and “What color do you want to be?”

Ms. Williams spoke at a high school assembly on Oct. 12 as the Plotkin/Rosenthal Alumni Speaker.

She will also speak at an Alumni Weekend event tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. in Gordon Parks Arts Hall.

— Natalie Glick