Debate visits Iowa, New Trier, Michigan

Peter Pu

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The debate team recently competed at the New Trier, Iowa Caucus, and University of Michigan tournaments, and one pair of debaters is a step closer to the Tournament of Champions.

At the New Trier tournament Oct. 6-8, three junior varsity teams debated in the varsity pool ending with 1-5, 2-4, and 2-4 records.

“We don’t really go to them for the record, it’s more about getting that experience,” Roshni Padhi, a varsity debate team captains, said.

At the Iowa Caucus tournament Oct. 19-21, seniors Elena Liao and Roshni placed second out of 47 teams after the finals round and earned their first bid to the Tournament of Champions. Elena earned second best speaker, Roshni earned 10th best speaker and Soundjata Sharod, also a senior, earned 20th best speaker.

The novices competed at their first tournament at the University of Michigan Oct. 26-28. Freshman Brandon Bousquette represented his team alone and finished with a 4-3 record, while the other three novice teams finished with 3-4 records. Elena and Roshni were 17th seed out of around 170 teams going into prelims almost earning another bid.