Homework over break, teacher feedback top student concerns at semester meetings

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Homework over break, teacher feedback top student concerns at semester meetings

Berk Oto

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The possibility of homework over winter break and reduced teacher feedback topped students’ list of concerns at two meetings Student Council organized about the possible switch to semesters. Faculty members endorsed the switch on Nov. 7.

Two Student Council-led town halls regarding the possible switch were held Nov. 13 and  Nov. 14 in C116. The attendance was 41 and 12 respectively. These sessions came after concerns by faculty and students about a lack of student input in the decision, which will be made by the administration.

“What we want to happen with these sessions is to give a space for students to talk about their opinions of the semester change,” All-School President Shiva Menta said. “Student opinion has not been really included, and it needs to be included before this large decision.”

Each session opened with members of the faculty explaining the benefits of semester system compared to quarters. After that, students were given the opportunity to ask questions. At the end of the second town hall, students also had a discussion.

Destiney Williamson, a Class of 2021 Cultural Union representative, had some solutions for the teacher feedback that would accompany a semester system.

“I think that moving to a live grading system where students can see their grades and track their progress whenever they want may be more beneficial,” Destiny said. “I don’t really see the point in only being able to check your grades two months in, and two months out,” Destiny said.

Shiva and other Student Council members were pleased with how the town halls went.

“I would consider this as a successful starting point,” Shiva said. “We are working with administrators to create more opportunities like this for students to participate.”

One way Shiva discussed was a Google form posted to Schoology Nov. 16.

“We want students that were not able to come to these town halls, the opportunity to participate in the process,” Shiva said regarding the form.

Another proposed idea was to create a sub-committee of students, other than Student Council, that would try to create more opportunities for student involvement.

Members of the faculty and administration were present at the town halls for the purpose of communicating student concerns and ideas to Principal Stephanie Weber, who will be making the final decision. Ms. Weber was not at the meeting.