Virtue’s unusual flavor variety exceeds expectations

Ivan Beck

Biting through the crunchy outer layer, the tangy lemon flavor bursts forth, the perfect addition to the meal. Whether the meal contains a savory serving of mushrooms, a filling dish of pork chop, or a flavorful bit of broccoli, Virtue does not disappoint.  

Virtue Restaurant and Bar, a restaurant specializing in Southern American cuisine, opened in Hyde Park on Nov. 15, 2018. It launched in a popular area of Hyde Park on East 53rd Street, moving into a space previously occupied by A10, a high-end French and Italian restaurant that closed in June 2018.

Inside, the restaurant is rather large, but the small tables, candle lighting and quiet music make it a cozy place to eat. Patrons keep their conversations to a low volume, making this an excellent spot to carry out a conversation without distraction or disturbance.

As a vegetarian, I am unable to comment on the flavor and quality of the several meat-based dishes. Despite the fact that  the restaurant has few vegetarian options, the meals they have do not disappoint.

Although broccoli and Brussels sprouts do not usually cause excitement, the meals centered around these foods are so flavorful and surprising that they surpass expectations. The broccoli dish combined flavor-filled sauteed broccoli and peppers, sharp cheddar cheese and sweet walnuts to make an experience for the entire palate. This combination of flavors is also present with the squash and the mushrooms, which together make a filling meal.

The portion sizes vary, with smaller plates for someone in a hurry, or larger dishes that are more filling.

The prices are not cheap. Large dishes range from $18 to $29, but lower prices can be found with the smaller plates.

The service finds the perfect balance of cordiality and comfort, ensuring that all guests are well-served and content while also contributing to the rather relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant.

Compared to other restaurants in the area, Virtue is one of the more stylish and intimate locations. It is closed Monday–Tuesday; open from 5p.m.–10p.m. on Wednesday–Thursday; 4:30 p.m.–11 p.m. on Friday–Saturday; and 5 p.m.–10 p.m. on Sunday.

Virtue serves food that can rarely be found in Hyde Park, and creates a comfortable atmosphere for individuals to chat and enjoy unique dishes. The layout creates a cozy feeling without making patrons feel cramped or overwhelmed.

While the prices are rather high, the experience is fulfilling and the restaurant surpasses expectations.