Middle school and U-High band perform challenging program


Isabella Kellermeier

BAND-ING TOGETHER. Freshmen Amelia Scharma, Will Trone and Benjamin Stankiewicz play their trumpets at the seventh through 12th grade band concert at Mandel Hall April 23. Their performance included pieces such as "The Witch and the Saint" and "Air for Band."

Madeline Welch, Midway Reporter

The annual Spring Band Fest was held at Mandel Hall April 23 featuring the seventh grade, eighth grade and high school bands.  

Band teacher Ryan Hudec said the bands contain over 160 students total and prepared very high-level music for this performance.

“This year, the high school band is playing a challenging program that they’ve really done a good job with,” Mr. Hudec said. “One of the pieces is a pilgrimatic piece, called ‘The Witch and the Saint,’ and they also performed a John Philip Sousa march, which is a band standard. They are also playing ‘Air for Band,’ which is a classic band piece.”  

At the end of the show, there was a combined 8th grade and high school performance led by Stacey Dolan, the director of bands at VanderCook College of Music.