Students offer ‘Game of Thrones’ finale reactions


Max Garfinkel, Business Manager

The highly anticipated finale to “Game of Thrones” on May 19 was received with mixed reactions throughout the U-High community. After following for eight seasons, the show’s final episodes disappointed many fans, who perceived the writing as below the standard set in previous seasons.

Here’s what some student viewers had to say in the days after the final episode.

“The finale wasn’t satisfying for me because it was too happy and utopian at the end so it felt fake and didn’t match the tone of the rest of the series.” — Jack Hurst, freshman

“I’m highly unsatisfied because first off, Bran said that he wouldn’t have made the trip if he didn’t expect to be crowned King. That pissed me off because it means he basically knew from the start that as long as he did nothing he would win the game of thrones. He’s like the dude in a group who does none of the work but gets all the credit. Completely undeserved. Jon is now on the wall again, but the point of the night’s watch is to protect against the white walkers, of which the are move anymore so his role is pretty confusing. I think the one satisfying part of the episode was when ghost finally got his good boy pat and that’s about it. Also Arya was pretty wasted this season. She’s the world’s best assassin but she didn’t kill either Cersei or Dany, which would have been really nice to see but now she decides to go find the Americas.

Dany’s death was a basically what I expected it to be, but Drogon’s reaction to it was confusing.” — Sean Zhang, sophomore

“It was really predictable. I really didn’t like it. It was a trashy episode.” — Brandon Bousquette, freshman

“I was shocked. Bran was not the person who everyone expected to get to the Iron Throne.” — Stanley Shapiro, junior

“I found that it wasn’t disappointing, but predictable. I didn’t specifically guess that Bran would be on the Iron Throne, but it was expectable.” — Nick Beach, junior

“I thought the writing was horrible in the last season. I thought Arya should’ve killed Cersei and Daenerys. She’s the most powerful person in Westeros and could kill anyone.” — Antonio Gracias, sophomore

“Well, I’ve been a really big fan of the series, and was really expecting high things for the final season but, for the last episode I didn’t really enjoy it that much. I just felt like, It wasn’t really parallel with the a lot of things that would have happened before, and the ending for me kinda came out of nowhere. It wasn’t a good kind of unexpected.” — Jason Coe, junior