Discipline Review Board reinstated with new elected members


Amon Gray, Reporter

The Discipline Review Board has been reinstated after it was removed from the handbook during a legal review last year.
Students elected include seniors Eve Grobman, Ioannis Nikas and Destiny Strange; juniors Avi Keysar and Omar Siddiqui; and sophomores Hien An Ngo and William Trone. Faculty members elected for this year are Daniel Calleri, Sari Harnandez, Sharon Housinger, Naadia Owens, Francisco Javier Saez de Adana and Ian Taylor.
The Discipline Review Board’s role is to give students a way to appeal a suspension before their peers and faculty. The board may remove the suspension, extend the suspension, or suggest expulsion to the head of school.
The nominees were selected by the High School Discipline Committee and voted for by the students.
“Anyone has a right to go in front of the board,” said Paul Gunty, High School Discipline Committee chair. “You have a right to make your voice heard.”