There is still time to submit to Artsfest


Krishita Dutta, Reporter

The board facilitating Artsfest, an annual student-run day dedicated to the arts, has been working for the past few weeks to prepare for the Feb. 27 event, but still needs more workshop submissions. 

Anyone that has an interest in the arts should submit,” said Ava McKula, Artsfest board member in charge of workshops. The board will also reimburse students up to $40 for materials.

Students can submit workshops via an online form at

Ava believes Artsfest is a crucial reminder of the importance of the arts.

“I think that Artsfest acts as a great break from the rigorous academics we face here and gives students opportunities to relax,” Ava said, “and maybe even find a passion within the arts that they didn’t realize they had.” 

To ensure everything goes smoothly and is enjoyable for all students, the board has been working diligently for the past few weeks. 

“We’ll soon work through materials certain workshops need and solidifying every workshop that has been proposed,” said senior Grace Brady, the manager of opening and closing ceremonies.

Grace also believes that student interest and creativity lead to the success of Artsfest. 

“We really want to make Artsfest the best it can be for everyone, regardless of their involvement in different forms of art,” Grace said. “Everyone should be able to find some creative outlet through Artsfest.”