Coyote sighted on Kenwood Mall


A coyote like the one pictured above was seen prowling Kenwood Mall and Midway Plaisance Jan. 13.

Peter Pu, Arts Editor

A coyote appeared on Kenwood Mall and continued across the Midway Plaisance around noon on Jan. 13, while middle schoolers began to return from recess, according to middle school principal Sandra Bixby.

“It’s running with its head up, and as I look out this window, I think ‘that’s a coyote,’” Ms. Bixby said. 

Ms. Bixby said she immediately notified security, and Joseph Wachowski, director of operations, called the City of Chicago’s 311 line for animal control.  

Lower school recess later in the day was canceled, but Ms. Bixby said they plan to resume recess Jan. 14 with additional awareness and security.

The Chicago Animal Care and Control department has released a tip sheet, giving steps to follow to avoid conflict with coyotes that have been sighted in increasing numbers in cities.

Coyotes have recently appeared in other parts of the city as well.