Ouroboros Review publishes first issue


Peter Pu

The first issue of Ouroboros Review, pictured above, is available and being distributed at a launch party Feb. 6 in Judd C116 for $10 per copy.

Caroline Hohner, Reporter

Members of the Ouroboros Review, U-High’s literary translation journal, are throwing a launch party Thursday afternoon commemorating the publication of their first issue. The event, held from 4-6 p.m. in Judd C116, will include an “open-mic” and readings from the first-ever review by featured contributors.

“[Literary translation] combines both English and languages, if you’re interested in any of those, and it also is an interesting thing that you don’t get a lot of in America,” said junior Julia Anitescu, co-editor-in-chief. “You don’t have a lot of translated works or translation as a concept.”

Featured readers include Olivia Griffin, Esme Oliver, Audrey Snow Matzke, Lia Garvey and Ariadne Merchant. Students who contributed to the journal or would like to read an original translation may sign up to read their work by emailing the review board at [email protected]

Julia explained how the adviser, English teacher Maja Teref, often points out the discrepancy between the number of literary works translated to and from English. The Ouroboros Review works to even out those statistics. 

“I think that it’s a shame that globalization is so American-based because there’s a lot of cool cultures around,” Julia said.

Contributors will each receive a free copy of the review while other attendees can pick up a copy of the review for $10. Refreshments will be served.