Students anticipate social interaction after self-quarantine

June 3, 2020


Alina Susani, Saul Arnow, Talia Lasko, Chloe Ma, Caroline Hohner, Grace Holleb

Self-quarantine has led to U-High students craving for regular social interaction with their friends. On their first day of freedom after stay-at-home orders are lifted, high schoolers are looking forward to resuming normal activities with their peers – ranging from sports to simply eating meals. Several students are also eager to reconnect with people that they have lost touch with once school restarts. They crave the friendly and social environment that school fostered for them. While this is a difficult time during which replicating the social environment U-High students once had is difficult, high-schoolers have all held onto activities with their friends that they are looking forward to and are staying optimistic.

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