With the goal of being a relaxing, joyful event, prom took place virtually June 6


Screengrab by Claire Duncan

Prom was held over Zoom June 6, and many thought it was similar to the real thing.

Adrianna Nehme, Reporter

It took a year of planning, raising funds, and countless meetings before the coronavirus pandemic striked and cancelled an in-person prom. Nobody expected it or even wanted it. After weeks of figuring out how to adjust to the circumstances, a virtual celebration took place on Zoom Saturday night, June 6.

The celebration began as members from the Class of 2020 were assigned to breakout rooms to simulate the tables at previous proms. In Lea Runesha’s breakout room, she danced and played the game “Psych!” with her friends.

 “I had a lot of fun,” Lea said. “I was able to see all my friends together, and how we dressed up and the prom dresses that we would have worn.”

Although Lea was in a different setting, she adapted well to the changes.

“We obviously couldn’t be there in person, but we all had the mentality of making the most out of what we had,” Lea said.

Despite the unusual circumstances, the virtual prom was still similar to previous proms. According to prom committee member Troy Johnson, planners tried to do their best to resemble a non-virtual prom and kept the royalty system as well as the yearbook signing through a shared Google folder with a document for each senior. 

Lea also mentioned how her process for getting ready was also similar to what it would have been for an actual prom. Although she didn’t have a prom dress, she still wore a bit of makeup and did her hair.

“It was relatively similar but an abridged version I guess,” Lea said.

Proms in the past included a system where students could nominate faculty to chaperone the event. Since chaperones weren’t necessary for the online event, students had the opportunity to invite teachers to their breakout rooms.

With everything that is going on, I know it can be very overwhelming. I wanted it to be a time where people can sit back and enjoy their night.

— Troy Johnson

The virtual prom served as a diversion from the stressful times that started with the coronavirus outbreak. 

“With everything that is going on, I know it can be very overwhelming,” Troy said. “I wanted it to be a time where people can sit back and enjoy their night.”

The organizing committee and the students wanted to ensure that this unusual event would be remembered as both a positive and joyful experience.

“I just hope that people see this event as not something sad,” prom committee president Emily Zhang said. “I hope people will be able to see this as a sort of commemoration for the past four years.”