Library to implement physical book pickup system



Book pickup will be available Monday through Friday, beginning Sept. 21, according to librarian Susan Augustine.

Noa Appelbaum, Reporter

Beginning Sept. 21, the Pritzker Traubert library will implement a new pickup system at the Judd Hall entrance that allows students to get physical copies of library books.  

Book pickup will be available Monday through Friday, according to librarian Susan Augustine. Students can request and hold their books using the online library catalog and schedule a time to pick them up. Since students cannot enter the buildings, an adult employee will bring the book to Judd curbside at the designated pickup time. 

“People prefer reading in print, and we have more available in print than we do online,” Ms. Augustine said. “I think people are kind of burnt out on screens right now, and we’ve got this great collection. Why not figure out a way to get it to students?”

For those who prefer online books or are unable to visit campus to pick up books in person, e-books will be available through an app called Sora. Students can download the app on a smart device or browser and access many of the library’s e-books and audio books.

“There are a lot of students that aren’t going to be able to come down and get books,” Ms. Augustine said. “And for some people, it’s more immediate. If they say they want to start reading a book tonight, you don’t want to wait.” 

The library has worked closely with school administrators to give students access to as many books as possible and have also drawn inspiration from Chicago libraries, many of which are reopening and adapting to coronavirus safety guidelines in similar ways.