Artsfest pushed to later date to comply with coronavirus-related restrictions


To allow for more in-person workshops, Artsfest was pushed to late 2021.

Clare O'Connor, Reporter

Artsfest is being pushed later in 2021 from Feb. 20 to Mar. 17 to comply with the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic and to make in-person activities more likely.

According to adviser Brian Wildeman, the Artfest board decided that a later date might make more in-person workshops possible. Mr. Wildeman also hopes that giving organizers more time to prepare will help them adapt workshops for social distancing. The board wants workshop leaders to have enough time to ensure safety precautions while maximizing student connection and physical involvement.

“What the board is really working on right now is trying to make as many workshops as we can in-person,” Mr. Wildeman said, “We’ve been thinking about everything — whether it’s working outside or even sending kits home to give kids physical materials.”

Mr. Wildeman emphasized the importance of bringing students together without a screen, a sentiment echoed by students.

“I think by the end of the year, I’m really going to need something like that,” sophomore Kariani Rojas said about Artsfest.

Kariani hasn’t seen her friends in person more than three times since the statewide stay-at-home order last spring. Kariani explained this year has been challenging because of distance learning and a lack of social interaction, but said it’s nice having something to look forward to, even if the event is far down the road. 

Artsfest organizers hope to work closely with students who decide to run a workshop. Their goal will be to make the experience positive for workshop leaders and attendees. Mr. Wildeman said if in-person workshops are not an option, it’s possible to send supplies to students or for them to download software on their technology through collaboration with student workshop leaders.

“I want to encourage students to get excited about it,” Mr. Wildeman said. “We’ll work with students to make their ideas fit with whatever restrictions we have in March.”