Student Diversity Leadership Conference holds conversations about identity and bringing change



During the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, attendees consider topics such as self-reflection, forming allies, social justice and building community.

Amy Ren, Reporter

The Student Diversity Leadership Conference is being held virtually Dec. 1-3 with six U-High students attending. SDLC is a gathering of students grades 9-12 from across the country that focuses on self-reflection, forming allies, social justice and building community. 

Juniors Brent Pennington, Sid Shah and Sarah Solomon and sophomores Kiran Chinniah, Graham Robbins and Téa Tamburo were chosen to attend.

Priyanka Rupani, director of diversity, equity and inclusion, said attendees are separated into two groups to account for time zones and will engage with 60-100 students at a time.

“There isn’t a lot of time where we will be all together as 2,000 students, but there are times in the middle of the day where that will happen,” Ms. Rupani said. “The structure is different and we’re on Zoom instead of in person, but the curriculum and the activities… will still be interactive and really immersive. We’ll still have the conversations about different aspects of identity and how to bring change back to your schools.”

Kiran, who started the Girls of Color club, is looking forward to many aspects of SDLC.

“There is so much I hope to gain from going to this conference. I want to learn how I can best further my DEI work at U-High and learn from other students and their experiences,” Kiran said. “I am also very excited to hear from the wonderful guest speakers that will be at the conference.”