Current students, administration and faculty share future aspirations

December 17, 2021

“I would like, in 25 years, to see the admission process in the Laboratory Schools be need-blind. We’re not right now. We have a generous financial aid budget, but it’s not limitless. I’d love to see it be big enough to support any student who wants to be here regardless of need.” 

— Victoria Jueds, Laboratory Schools director


“I think for me, kind of an overarching goal is always to carefully balance that tradition with transition and change and how you honor history and tradition and also make decisions that are good for students and their families.” 

— Ana Campos, dean of students


“I would hope that in 25 years, we would  be  able to restructure the archiecture of our science labs. Taking into consideration how the science labs, specifically, are treated as laboratory spaces at the university level, we should really structure them so that they’re much more flexible, so we can use them in multiple formats.” 

— Daniel Bobo-Jones, science teacher


“I’ve seen a lot of people struggle a lot with mental health. And so you know, it’s definitely a difficult situation. I would hope that students in the next 25 years feel like they aren’t so overwhelmed, and whether that is Lab fixing that on itself or just kind of a cultural shift, I don’t know. But, you know, that’s something that I definitely would like to see.”   


  Will Trone, ‘22 


“I would hope that the school would still maintain some of its certain core values which is to be still a strong and rigorous academic institution that prepares kids well to go to strong and rigorous academic institutions for college.” 

— Jane Canright, math teacher


“I hope that the faculty, administration and students develop a better relationship. I feel like everyone is working hard for the betterment of Lab, it’s just that people don’t communicate at all and that’s become a really big problem. I hope we can actually fix that by the time it turns 150.” 

— Kaavya Shiram, ‘24


“An environment where people support each other more […] Definitely looking for things like more diversity in the administration, as well as more opportunities for students to talk to administration and really give their input and see real changes happening because of student voices.”

— Lusia Austen, ‘23


“Given the makeup that we are in the city, I think that the makeup that we are in our school can be a lot better. But I do appreciate that the student body is definitely much more diverse compared to other schools I’ve worked at, and I hope that we can continue that trend of the student body and the faculty as well.” 

— Sari Hernandez, English teacher

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