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Two hearts: Maya Mubayi

What may sound like a nightmare to some is Maya Mubayi’s favorite way to spend her afternoon. She changes into athletic wear to embark on her habitual three- to six-mile run. The inspiration behind her hobby lies in the delicate and intricately shaped heart necklace given to her by Sana Shahul. 

How did her sport and sparkly accessory come to be?

Here’s how: Maya met Sana at their first cross-country practice in 2019. Maya, a year younger, ran at the same pace as Sana – and consequently, spent a lot of time with her. Through conversations and miles, they discovered that they had a lot in common (more than just running), and miles ran. Sana became a mentor to Maya. When Maya doubted herself, Sana would lift her back up. 

Naturally, Sana had to leave to attend college. College did not stop the two from maintaining their friendship. They have FaceTimed every week, ensuring to keep up with each other’s busy schedules. 

Shortly before Sana left, she gave Maya the necklace on her birthday. Ever since, Maya has worn it daily. To Maya, the necklace symbolizes their relationship and the encouragement she gave Maya to pursue her hobby fully. 

“The necklace fuels my will to run,” Maya said.

And so, every day, after school, Maya makes her way across the clogged roads of Hyde Park and runs on the smooth pavement of the Lakefront Trail. She then returns home, finishes her homework, and calls Sana weekly, where they discuss everything from internship offers to what they ate that day. 

Although Sana is no longer physically there to run next to Maya, Sana, in spirit, is always with her, nestled perfectly between Maya’s two collar bones. 

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