Alina Susani

Melody of passion: Maurice Neuman

The musician arrives home, the homework in his bulky backpack waiting to be completed. 

As if at a concert hall late in the evening, Maurice Neuman steps into his living room, feeling prepared to play the song he has dedicated so much time and energy to. He sits down, cello in one hand, bow in the other, and waits for his cue. His other responsibilities will just have to wait.

After a few soft notes are produced from the large, black piano behind him, he begins. The room is filled with the graceful melody of the two instruments as the contrasting sounds weave into each other. It is the type of melody that can only occur after months of practice and a passion for performing.

Every day he goes to school, works on his homework and spends time laughing with friends. Every night he comes back to one thing: his cello.

Regardless of the stress that being a teenager brings, the music he creates has the ability to grant him peace of mind. 

As his bow moves swiftly across the wooden instrument he is constantly filled with determination to sound even better. Motivated by the satisfaction that mastering a song brings. 

“It’s all about the results,” he says. 

Despite his cello creating an aching in his shoulders, he continues to play. Maurice is fueled by the familiarity he has gained from having spent the past 13 years with the heavy instrument.  

Swamped with homework and extracurricular activities, he doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands; but how could he give up something that brings him so much joy? 

Resolving to stay up late into the night, Maurice continues to practice, filling his house with the graceful melody of passion.

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