Indoor activities provide cure for rainy day boredom

June 2, 2022

While summer days are typically spent outdoors, every once in a while the humid Chicago summers are interrupted by a day where the weather is not like the postcards. When stuck inside, this list of rainy day activities is the perfect remedy for the boredom of an indoor summer day. 



Zara Siddique

Friendship bracelets prove to be an addictive summertime activity. After picking your favorite colored string, bracelets can be made anywhere. Patterns from BraceletBook are available for any skill set ranging from beginner to expert. These bracelets can be perfect accessories or thoughtful gifts.  




Mia Lipson

Summer treats do not require a trip outdoors. From popsicles to cookies, with everyday ingredients, recipes can make all-day projects or short-term snacks. Taste of Home has recipes ranging from four-step snacks to five-course meals, ensuring cooking and baking will be an easy fix for an otherwise-boring day.






Flickr CC2.0/Nenad Stojkovic

An at-home workout can provide a way to stay active when stuck indoors. Don’t throw out those hand-outs from gym class. Instead, they can be used to complete a workout with everyday objects. From yoga to cardio you can engage in a self-paced and customized workout.




Flickr CC2.0/M01229

Scrapbooking is the best way to capture every moment if you’re looking for an offline way to document the summer months. All you need is a notebook of any style and mementos from pictures to tickets. From there, you can customize your scrapbook to perfectly encapsulate your summer. 


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