Midway Staff

Simon McCune

What has been the highlight of the season so far?

“Probably the Evergreen Park game. Even though I didn’t play, it was just a really good game. I’m pretty sure Xavier had like 40 points, and we ended up coming back when we were down 15, and the crowd was talking a bunch of stuff about us. It was just a really crazy moment.”

What do you feel your role has been within the team?

“Right now, I’m hurt. So, I mean, really just supporting the team from the bench, doing everything I can by showing up to practice, paying attention and, when we talk at halftime, just telling the coach what I see.” “When I can play, really I just wanna shoot and do my best on defense. That’s what I do.”

What are your goals for the season?

“When I get back, I want to start playing more and just play harder overall. Just because, I mean, the first time I played I was really nervous, so I was making stupid mistakes and missing shots, stuff like that. I just want to get better with all of that.”

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