Everyday Energy: Hana Javed

Hana Javed knows how far preserving and dedication can take her. From the moment she raised her hand to be considered for the Children’s Chorus in the Lyric Opera of Chicago’s production of “Carmen,” at 10 years old, she knew she had found her place in the performing arts.

Hana describes her introduction to opera as magical. Although she had to learn selections from the most difficult children’s chorus in opera and had rehearsals for up to 10 hours, her dedication to performing Georges Bizet’s iconic work inspired her love for opera. 

“When I learned it and first walked into the building, I kind of knew this is where I could belong,” Hana, now a sophomore, said. 

Despite its negative stereotypes, opera means so much more to Hana than its pretentious and overly dramatic perception. 

“To me it means being transcended into this new era and place that was created just for these extremely talented people,” Hana said, “We’re all just there to express to the audience everything we’re feeling and everything the composer is feeling in that music.”

The energy created between the audience and singers is music in its purest form. Hana is reminded of the purity in opera in her daily life.

“In a moment when I’m just with my friends, and we’re all just laughing or I’m really happy or even in times when I’m really sad or everything just seems to be crumbling, I’m often reminded of moments in opera,” Hana said.

Hana learned to focus on elements in life that really speak to her. The energy she brings to opera rehearsal has taught her discipline, and she applies it to her everyday life. 

“It’s taught me how to work really hard and how to react to challenges,” Hana said. “It’s made me a better artist and a better student. All of the discipline has made me a more well-rounded person.”

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