To our readers: We’re committed to accuracy, transparency

Dear Readers,

Last night, we learned that a story about returning to in-person learning that was published on Jan. 18 contained incomplete reporting and did not meet our standards for accuracy and clarity. Several readers alerted us to these errors, and a revised version of the story was published at 9:15 p.m. on Jan. 19. 

The original story incorrectly stated that the administration had concluded that students’ mental health had improved during distance learning. This resulted in unfair criticism of the administration on several student social media accounts. We regret the harm this caused to students and administrators.

We recognize that any breach of journalistic integrity reflects on the Midway staff as a whole. Throughout this year, we have been discussing and developing what our guiding principles should be and how we will apply them.

We appreciate the students and administrators who held us accountable and brought these errors to our attention. We are committed to preventing similar incidents and will use this as a reminder of the importance of those values and the need to consistently uphold them.