Science Olympiad team earns high rankings at invitational


Science Olympiad

Both the varsity and junior varsity Science Olympiad teams ranked first at more than half of the events.

Sahana Unni, Reporter

At the Crystal Lake Central High School invitational held online on Jan. 23, the varsity Science Olympiad team earned second place, and the two junior varsity teams that competed placed 12th and 27th. 

“In the past, [Crystal Lake] has been one of the most competitive invitationals in Illinois,” said Lucy Nathwani, a student captain of the Science Olympiad team. 

The varsity team earned first place in six events, including circuit lab and water quality. The junior varsity team that placed 12th received first place in designer genes. 

Although competitive, the Crystal Lake invitational does not impact the future of the Science Olympiad team this year. 

“It’s mainly just practice for our team to make sure we’re up to standards,” Lucy said. “In the past it has been most competitive next to state, which is generally the most competitive one we go to.” 

We were really looking for more of a challenge with our team. Our goal is to make it to nationals.

— Lucy Nathwani

Due social distancing requirements, all invitationals this year have been held on Scilympiad, a virtual platform created by Science Olympiad. 

This was the last invitational the Science Olympiad team will compete in before they attend regionals on March 6, which will determine whether the team qualifies for the state competition. 

“We were really looking for more of a challenge with our team,” Lucy said. “Our goal is to make it to nationals.”