Midway editors selected for 2021-22 school year


Amanda Cassel

Lucia Kouri (left), Peter Pu (center) and Berk Oto (right) were selected as the editors-in-chief for the 2021-22 academic year.

Sahana Unni, Reporter

Lucia Kouri, Berk Oto and Peter Pu have been appointed as editors-in-chief for the 2021-22 U-High Midway. 

Other editors for the next year include Anathea Carrigan, managing editor; Adrianna Nehme, news editor; Caroline Hohner, features editor; Meena Lee, sports and leisure editor; Ryan Clark, opinion editor; Noa Appelbaum as the health and wellness editor; and Kia Dutta and Amon Gray as the arts editors. Teá Tamburo will be the deputy managing editor. Two assistant editors have also been selected: Colin Leslie and Claire O’Connor.

“I’m super excited,” Peter said. “I’ve been in journalism since freshman year, and we hope to do a lot of cool stuff now that the newspaper will be print, and we will be in-person next year.” 

After a year of publishing almost exclusively online stories, the editors are looking forward to moving back to print newspapers. 

“For the majority of the year there was no print paper,” Lucia said, “so having that is going to be a huge part of going part of going back next year, as that is a big part of Midway and school culture.” 

The new editors-in-chief are focusing on expanding the role the Midway has at Lab moving into the next school year.

“Each of us has a vision for what we believe the Midway’s role in the Lab community should be,” Berk said, “and I think that through that vision we will be able to expand our role in the community to become an institution that is synonymous with truth, quick news and accurate news.”