Students gather for ’Under the Stars’-themed prom on June 5

This year’s “Under the Stars”-themed prom took place on June 5 from 8-10:30 p.m. Surrounded by blue light, students gathered and danced on Kenwood Mall, an approved location because of pandemic restrictions. Aside from dancing, many attendees participated in casino games and a raffle. 

Playing for a prize. Seniors play roulette to win raffle tickets. Poker, blackjack and craps were also available, and students traded their tokens for raffle tickets. “I’m glad something was put together,” Avi Keysar said. “The main thing is that we got to see each other and celebrate together.” (Chloe Ma )
Special socializing. Seniors Arjuna Parsad and Aiden Grant socialize during the evening. This was one of the last times members of the Class of 2021 would be together before graduation. (Chloe Ma )
Ringing in royalty. Mikaela Ewing, center, crowns Adi Badlani and Aanika Atluri prom royalty. Seniors voted for their royalty when confirming their attendance. “It was really cool, especially since the night leading up to the announcement was very fun.” Adi said. “I was surprised by the announcement, too. It was a nice way to end things off.” (Chloe Ma )
Claiming her prize. Senior Alexis Chia claims her prize from the raffle. (Chloe Ma )
Dancing in the dark. Students dance to Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” to conclude the night. “I was kind of expecting for prom to help me feel more closure especially since I really haven’t had a senior year,” Eliza doss, pictured left, said. When I got dressed up and took photos, it felt like prom and what I dreamt of for a long time. (Chloe Ma)