New athletic trainer joins U-High


Elliott Taylor

New athletic trainer Breanna Lewenthal examines an athlete in the fitness center.

Téa Tamburo, Deputy Managing Editor

In just a few weeks since beginning her time at U-High, Breanna Lewenthal has treated sprains, recommended stretches and watched U-High soccer games. 

Excited to connect with student athletes, Ms. Lewenthal joins U-High as the new athletic trainer. She is located in the fitness center, and student athletes can visit from lunchtime through the end of athletic practices.

Before coming to the Laboratory Schools Sept. 13, Ms. Lewenthal worked in a physical therapy clinic and at a charter school in Los Angeles, where she covered the school’s fall and spring sports seasons.

Dedicated to helping students achieve their best physical health, she appreciates how student athletes have been holding themselves accountable for maintaining their wellbeing.

“So if I ask them to come in the next day or to do some stretching exercises, they seem to come in and do them, which shows that everybody is serious about getting back to 100% health,” Ms. Lewenthal said. “And that makes my job easier, so I don’t have to go hunting anyone down and making sure they get back to their healthy selves and get to play.”

According to Athletics Director David Ribbens, the school has experienced frequent turnover in athletic trainers throughout the pandemic.

“For the past 18 months or so it’s been more part-time and a variety of different trainers,” Mr. Ribbens said. “It has been a revolving door, and we’re hoping that Breanna stays for a while. I think the students really respect her, and she’s somebody that I’m confident will do a great job for our team.”

Just the relationships. Like that trainer-to-student-athlete relationship, and I’m excited to get to learn about everyone.

— Ms. Lewenthal

Junior Kiran Chinniah, a member of the dance troupe, visited Ms. Lewenthal to recommend exercises for a pulled iliotibial band.

“She’s really, really nice,” Kiran said. “She took the time to fully explain to me what I needed to do and all of that and explained the exercises in detail and made sure I was doing everything right.”

With the start of the year-long sports seasons, Ms. Lewenthal is excited to not only help student athletes feel their best, but also watch them play. She has already watched a few soccer games.

“I want to get to watch some volleyball games as well, ’cause I enjoy volleyball,” Ms. Lewenthal said. “Not that I don’t enjoy soccer, but I played volleyball myself, so it’s exciting.”

This connection she wants to establish with athletes and their teams extends beyond the walls of the fitness center, according to Ms. Lewenthal.

“Just the relationships. Like that trainer-to-student-athlete relationship, and I’m excited to get to learn about everyone, what they enjoy doing and then seeing how many of the soccer and volleyball young adults go on to play in the next season.”