Students decorate U-High’s first floor boys bathroom


Patrice Graham

U-High’s first floor boys bathroom is decorated with items such as candles, flowers and books.

Chloe Ma, Reporter

The boys bathroom is a place most people consider to be boring — most do their business and then leave. 

But as of Oct. 1, U-High’s first floor boys bathroom is decked with candles, stuffed animals, returnable books and a sign that reads “gentlemans club” as part of “the Boys Bathroom Beautification Project.”

The idea of spicing up public restrooms originated with a TikTok trend dubbed “devious licks,” which influenced students across the nation to steal from their schools. Eventually, students who didn’t want to steal began to combat the devious licks with “holy yields” in which they would bring things such as scented candles and music speakers to put in their school bathrooms.  

The Boys Bathroom Beautification Project began when a student, who asked to have his name withheld because he didn’t want the work to be credited to one person, added a eucalyptus mint bottle of soap to the bathroom. 

“Eventually, over time, more people started catching on, and over time more people started bringing stuff in,” the student said.

The thing is that it’s been a gradual progression. You just go in and someone has just added something.

 The student estimates around seven people have participated and brought an item to the bathroom.

“It was kinda like a prank,” the source said, “but it’s really harmless and it doesn’t really affect anyone negatively.”

Others shared the sentiment that it doesn’t harm anyone, saying the decorations were funny at first but became more of a fun activity and group effort. 

Ninth grader Jeremiah Lesniak has noticed the changes to the bathroom.

“The thing is that it’s been a gradual progression,” Jeremiah said. “You just go in and someone has just added something.”