Desi Culture Group holds celebration for Diwali


Malcolm Taylor

Members of the Laboratory Schools community dance on Oct. 15 to celebrate Diwali.

Clare McRoberts, Reporter

To celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights, members of the Laboratory Schools community shared Indian club sandwiches, samosas and kulfi as they danced amid strings of light on Oct. 15.

Masha Sajdeh, a Lab parent and a co-leader of the Desi Culture Group, said the event was aimed at helping Lab students, teachers, staff and families understand and embrace different cultures.

The Desi Culture Group has hosted a celebration of Diwali for four years. During the pandemic, the group held a virtual event. This year, in Scammon Garden, parents led the crowd in dance moves while Bollywood music played.

Sahana Agarwal, an eighth grade student, said the celebration brought together Indian communities at Lab.

She said, “It means a lot for us to be able to come here and celebrate with other people instead of just doing it at our homes like we had to do last year.”