Renaissance magazine seeks submissions, editors


Chloe Ma

The Renaissance art and literary magazine is now accepting applications for editor positions, which are due Oct. 29. Students can also submit art or writing pieces throughout the year.

Katie Sasamoto-Kurisu, Reporter

The Renaissance art and literary magazine’s student board is seeking submissions and participants for editor positions for this year’s publication. 

Every page of the magazine displays student art and writing, with a specific design for the layout of the page. Writing can include general creative writing, poems, plays and short stories. On the other side, submissions include 2D art like photography, paintings, drawings and digital art work as well.

“We accept multiple submissions from the same people, and we accept a wide variety of artwork types,” said Alina Susani, art board co-editor-in-chief. “It doesn’t have to do with the theme that the magazine has.”

Submissions are evaluated blindly, and can be submitted throughout most of the year, however, earlier is better, Alina suggested. Generally the magazine receives around 40-45 literary submissions and about 100-150 art submissions.

Literary board editors spend their meetings discussing each piece, review the strengths and weaknesses, and vote to determine which will be accepted according to literary board co-editor-in-chief Ryan Clark. Editors then work with the authors to make small revisions to prepare the pieces for publication.

Alina says an important quality for participants is to be willing to put in the work to complete the magazine on time.

“Having an interest in the arts or in graphic design or magazines is always helpful,” Alina said.

Applications for board positions are due on Oct. 29, and more information can be found on Schoology.