Parent-teacher conferences to be held Nov. 18-19


Midway Staff

Parent-teacher conferences will be held Nov. 18-19 on Zoom.

Chloe Alexander, Reporter

Students will start their Thanksgiving break two days early due to parent-teacher conferences being held Nov. 18-19. Similar to last year, conferences will be held on Zoom. Parents will schedule conferences on Calendly, allowing them to choose which teachers they want to meet with. 

Assistant Principal Zilkia Rivera-Vazquez said this decision was made so parents can spread meetings with teachers over two days, thus making it more accessible for parents who work full-time jobs. 

Administration scheduled conferences after midterm comments will be released on Nov. 10, so parents can be informed during meetings with teachers about how their children are doing in classes. 

According to Ms. Rivera-Vazquez, students should know that they should not be worried about conferences because teachers, parents and students are all on the same side. 

Conferences will only be held over two days instead of the usual three. As of this time there are no other scheduled parent-teachers conferences but parents can request to meet with teachers any time.