Committee uses survey to consider later start time


Chloe Ma

A student takes the Healthy Start Committee’s health climate survey. The survey is designed to collect information about a potential later start time.

Samuel Beck, Reporter

A committee of parents, faculty and students, known as the Healthy Start Committee, is using a survey to gather information about a potential later start time.

The committee is sending out health climate surveys to parents, faculty and students throughout this week, which are available until Dec. 1. 

The survey should take around 35 minutes to complete. Students can participate in this survey here.

According to the committee, it is designed to “gather data and insights designed to improve student well-being, belonging and engagement with learning.” 

The survey covers a broad range of topics, such as hours spent on homework per night, average hours spent sleeping, some of the adverse health issues tied with anxiety, and other mental ailments caused by unhealthy schooling practices.