Student Council passes decoration, feedback bills


Matthew McGehee

Student Council passed a bill dedicated to making Gordon Park Arts Hall more student-friendly. Student Council plans to bring student artwork, more tables and plants into the space.

Sahana Unni, Content Manager

The Student Council has passed bills to decorate Gordon Park Arts Hall and to solicit curriculum feedback. 

The curriculum feedback bill, led by junior class president Fermi Boonstra, regards conducting a survey that will be used to inform incoming students about the rigor and content of a class. 

“It’s meant for students giving feedback on the course so that future students are able to assess whether or not to take a class, and really get a grasp of what the course is actually like,” Fermi said. 

According to Fermi, Student Council members are unsure of when the bill will be implemented, but they hope to have a trial curriculum feedback survey by the end of the semester. Fermi also said the progression of the bill has been slowed due to teachers’ concern about being expected to change their curriculum based on the results of the survey. 

“We hope they will take some things into consideration when planning for next year or next semester, and take that sort of feedback and see it as a healthy way of communicating and thinking about the future,” Fermi said. 

The Gordon Park Arts Hall decoration bill created a committee dedicated to making the area a more student-friendly place. 

According to Kennedi Bickham, all-school vice president, the committee hopes to display more student artwork, add more tables and use greenery to make Gordon Parks Arts Hall a warmer environment. 

Kennedi said, “I just hope people find comfort in all of Lab’s spaces rather than just U-High and the library.”