Email addresses threats of violence


Midway Staff

Director of Security Joan Fiesta sent out an email Dec. 16 due to threats of violence in schools.

Samuel Beck, Reporter

Some students have elected to stay home following an email sent out by Director of Security Joan Fiesta about threats of violence in schools. This email comes following a plethora of copycat threats of violence in schools across the country, stemming from a recent shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan, which left four students dead and many more injured. 

The email was designed to quell fears regarding the aforementioned threats of violence, stating that “we have no reason to believe this is a credible threat to our campuses.”

Although the email was meant to “reduce any anxiety students may feel regarding this threat,” it had the opposite effect on some students such as senior Peter Stern. 

“[I] Definitely didn’t feel safer after reading it,” he said. “Given the volume of shootings and lives lost I wish they could have done something more to ensure our safety, even if it means doing school virtually for a day.”