Animated show “Inside Job” parodies conspiracy culture



The Netflix series “Inside Job” take a humorous and creative approach on parodying conspiracy theories.

Berk Oto, Editor-In-Chief

Flat Earthers, moon-landing deniers and believers of a syndicated deep state entered Americans’ view as amusing characters, with no need to be taken seriously. However, since events like the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, Americans are starting to realize that seemingly silly conspiracy theories are a massive and dangerous problem. These theories are so outlandish and dangerous that most have likely never considered the question — what if they’re right?

Using a creative and unique concept, the show “Inside Job” — a Netflix original animation — explores this question humorously, with convincing world building, compelling characters and captivating conflicts. 

The animation is a workplace comedy, following Reagan, a genius scientist who leads a dysfunctional team of failed government experiments to run the deep state. From diplomacy with the lizard people to journeying to the edge of the world, the colorful characters and wild missions to conceal the deep state allow the viewer to glimpse the lost humor in these theories once more. 

“Inside Job” is absolutely worth watching if you’re looking for a hilarious take on modern conspiracy theories, or if you’ve ever pondered the answer to the question, “What if they were right?”