New committee considers daily schedule changes


Gabriel Issa

Members of the schedule committee meet Jan. 18. The schedule committee was formed to focus on discovering schedules that will benefit the high school.

Audrey Park, Assistant Editor

The high school faculty has formed a committee to investigate possible daily schedules to improve support for all divisions of the Lab community. 

The schedule committee comprises around a dozen faculty and administrators, and was formed to focus on discovering schedules that will benefit the high school concerning both teaching and learning.

The committee was created to supplement the healthy start committee, which is focused on start and end times to the school day.  

“It was born as a separate group to specifically focus on what would be a schedule that would benefit the high school,” English teacher Colin Rennert-May, a committee member said. 

He projects that the earliest a new schedule could be implemented would be in the 2023-24 school year. 

The committee has met twice and plans to meet every other week. The committee also plans to host listening sessions with each high school department.

Mr. Rennert-May said, “Departments will get the chance to respond to and think about questions and provide insight into possible solutions for a schedule.”

After listening to the different departments, the schedule committee will also seek student input.

 “It is essential for us to consider student voices,” co-chair Aria Choi, a counselor, said. “We are very mindful of listening to the student body in real time through in-person sessions.”

Eventually, after gaining enough data and information, the committee will begin the drafting process. 

Ms. Choi said, “Right now, the priority is really to be sure to include all of the voices because ultimately, everyone will be affected if a new schedule is implemented.”