The Peanuts win the Hunt


Malcolm Taylor

The Peanuts team members give a speech on stage after figuring out they won the Hunt.

Samuel Beck, Reporter

A team of four seniors called the Peanuts won The Hunt, a part of ArtsFest that challenges students to complete certain tasks, earn points, and compete with one another. 

Each group member can choose between tickets to the Pitchfork Music Festival or a $75 Amazon gift card as a prize.

Alma Moskowitz, Katie Baffa, Lucia Kouri and Kira Sekhar posted their challenges such as pajama day on Instagram, garnering over 150 followers. 

Alma said that the experience was fun, and that winning was very gratifying. 

“I can’t lie, it was kind of traumatic to do some of the tasks like wearing huge wigs to school for the entire day, but winning made everything worth it!” she said. 

Senior Philip Kellermeier, completed hunt activities, but did not finish first.

“I was really disappointed to see that we didn’t win,” he said. “But it was really fun doing the activities with my friends. I made good memories.”