Student Council raises $4,672 at Labapalooza

Nicky Edwards-Levin, Reporter

Through the first-ever Labapalooza dance marathon and fundraiser April 14, Student Council raised $4,672 for a local charity and gave away prizes, including Lollapalooza passes to one winning high school student.

“This event was more work I’ve ever put into Student Council in all my four years of being on Student Council,” Cultural Union President Florence Almeda, organizer of Labapalooza, said. “It was a huge endeavor, but it was definitely worth it.”

Jessica Franks, a senior, won the grand prize.

“At first I signed up just to support my friends on Student Council and this awesome event they were able to organize,” Jess said, “but when I found out how few high schoolers were competing I got really excited because my chances of winning were so high.”

Florence said Student Council will try the dance marathon again, though it may not be next year.”

“Since it was the first time, we were just learning what it takes to do a dance marathon,” Florence said. “It is a lot of work, so maybe we would do it every other year.

My Block My Hood My City “provides underprivileged youth with an awareness of the world and opportunities beyond their neighborhood,” according to its website, will receive the donated funds.