Math Team qualifies to compete at state competition


Matt Petres

The Math Team placed first in the llinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics state competition, their concluding competition for the season.

Ryan Clark, Opinion Editor

This story has been edited to include results from the overall NSML season.

The Math Team made a strong showing at recent math contests, with the overall team placing second at the final North Suburban Math League meet on March 10 and first in the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics regional competition on Feb. 26. Every grade qualified to compete at the ICTM state competition, which will be held April 30.

At the NSML meet, ninth graders placed fifth, while the sophomores, juniors and seniors each placed third. 

For the overall NSML season, the Math Team placed sixth, with ninth-graders third, sophomores and seniors ninth and juniors fourth.

In the ICTM regional competition, ninth graders and juniors placed first while sophomores and seniors placed second. The eight-person sophomore team and eight-person junior-senior team each placed first, along with the calculator team.

“All of our teams did quite well,” Math Team captain and senior Tarini Mutreja said. “Especially with ICTM, I think we are looking forward to fielding some really good teams in each event for the future.”

Tarini also said she is eager for the upcoming ICTM competition.

“It’ll be really great to have everybody participate since the ICTM is our biggest and most all-encompassing event in which the most people compete, so it’s pretty cool to have everybody involved,” she said.