Historic campus experiences unexpected fire alarm

Sahana Unni, Content Manager

Classes ended early at 2:52 p.m. on April 13 after an unexpected fire alarm went off on the historic campus. The cause of the alarm is currently unknown. 

Some parents of students in the Extended Day program were left scrambling to find their children. However, Danielle Broadwater, one of the parents, was not concerned about the safety of her child.

“I knew that he was out of the building and safe with his class,” Ms. Broadwater said. “It was only a matter of finding him. I knew he was in good care.” 

Some students took advantage of the time outdoors to enjoy the nice weather until it started raining shortly before the building was cleared for re-entry. 

Irene Reed, executive director of admissions and financial aid, said she does not think the cause of the alarm was a fire. 

“If there was a fire, people would be way more concerned,” Ms. Reed said. “We often get false fire alarms where it trips and fails. Even though this is not planned, I see this happen a lot. There is an emergency line that we are all connected to and we would have heard something.”