2022-23 school year tuition to increase by 5.5%


Midway illustration by Amon Gray

On March 7, Laboratory Schools Director Tori Jueds announced the tuition for the 2022-23 school year will increase by 5.5%.

Sahana Unni, Content Manager

The tuition for the 2022-23 school year will increase by 5.5% to $40,488. 

On March 7, Laboratory Schools Director Tori Jueds emailed parents of rising Laboratory Schools students, announcing the change. The school will continue to offer tuition remission for eligible families. 

Tuition is the school’s major source of revenue, Ms. Jueds said. 

“We have other sources of revenue which are needed, but if you look at the way our model is put together, tuition is our major source, but it does not meet all of our expenses,” she said.

Ms. Jueds explained that the remaining expenses are met through fundraising such as Connections, an endowment fund, Summer Lab and the Extended Day program.

Approximately 70% of U-High families receive some tuition discount, including employee benefits, need-based financial aid and outside scholarships.

“We are being very sensitive and thoughtful about all of this,” said Irene Reed, director of admissions and financial aid. “We are beginning the process of reviewing financial aid applications for returning students for fall of 2022 and are very much keeping in mind both inflation and the tuition increase.”

Although tuition remission benefits are not changing for the next school year, eligibility forms must now be submitted through Workday.

“University-affiliated families are recipients of an employee benefit, called tuition remission,” Ms. Jueds said. “None of that is changing. What is changing is there is a form to fill out, it’s a procedural thing, but it doesn’t change the substance of how people experience it.” 

 Eligible families of University of Chicago employees will continue to receive a standard 50% tuition remission, and households with a Total Adjusted Gross Income of less than $250,000 can still apply for an enhanced tuition remission benefit.

As inflation rises, Ms. Jueds says the tuition increase is needed to support Lab’s expenses and keep the school accessible.